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Maintaining existing customers, which have high customer lifetime value, profitability and referrals, is far more profitable than acquiring new customers.

Datamatics’ 24x7x365 customer service teams are aligned to this philosophy. The teams ensure that interactions across touchpoints lead to enhanced customer experiences guided by the brand principles and customer centricity. The teams provide omni-channel native language support to ensure consistently engaging customer interactions. Datamatics’ Unique Value Proposition is in blending right technology interventions across the Customer Management journey for higher efficiencies and effectiveness.


Datamatics Offerings

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Avail omni-channel solutions supported by native language speakers, including services, such as, Concierge desks
Order Taking

Order Taking

  • Manage the order placement process across distribution channels
  • Use multi-lingual capability
Query Management

Query Management

  • Perform auto-query resolution through chatbots, IVR, voicebots, and live support agents

Customer Support & HelpdesksCustomer Support & Helpdesks

  • Avail real-time support through trained Customer Support Reps (CSRS) and Technical Support Reps (TSRs) on L1 / L2 issue resolution
  • Deploy the multi-lingual service across different channels

Dispute ResolutionDispute Resolution

  • Deploy trained and experienced FTEs in handling disputes to minimize customer dissonance
HR and Payroll Processes

HR and Payroll Processes

  • Institutionalize HR, Recruitment, and Payroll Services
  • Service peak / seasonal volume

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