AI-Powered Omnichannel CX

Any Channel, One Heartbeat

Datamatics Omnichannel Customer Experience leverages AI to provide a unified experience that are personalized at every touchpoint in the customer journey. We understand the path your customer travels – right from the first touch-point to nurturing. Right from unifying customer data, personalizing interactions, customer journey mapping, unified workplace for agents, AI-driven bots and workflows, we provide a holistic customer-centric experience every time the customer interacts with a brand. and amplify every interaction across channels. Across channels, we not just automate, but our AI approach acts as an ally to enhance the human touch, build relationships, solve complex issues, and truly understand your customers.

Omnichannel CX Offerings

Work Anywhere-1

Work Anywhere

  • Implementation of AI-enabled Unified Workspaces •
  • Optimize customer interactions by deploying Virtual Assistants
  • Safeguard customer information by deploying AI-based Security and Compliance
  • Improve overall user experience AI integrated Noise Cancellation
Conversational AI & Bots-1

Conversational AI & Bots

  • Interactive customer engagement with Smart Bots & Voice Bots 
  • Enhanced communication channels by leveraging AI embedded Chat & Email systems 
  • AI Translations for Global Accessibility “or” seamless communication with AI Translation 
  • Efficient Service Delivery with AI-driven Workflows.
TruAI Enterprise Content Mining-1

TruAI Enterprise Content Mining

  • AI-enabled Multi-lingual Content Mining 
  • Extract valuable Insights and knowledge discovery in real-time
AI-Assisted Analytics-1

AI-Assisted Analytics

  • Gain actionable customer insights with Customer Journey Analysis Reports 
  • Enhance Customer Expereince with CSAT and NPS Surveys
  • Ensure superior customer agent-customer experience with Quality Monitoring and Compliance Analytics
  • Optimize agent productivity and performance with Workforce Analytics


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