Finance & Accounting Services


Build a financial value chain

Datamatics offers customized finance and accounting solutions with advanced operating models that help streamline and automate customers’ accounting and expense management processes. With sector expertise and best-in-class solutions, Datamatics enables its customers to take full control of their financial management activities.

Award-winning IPs

Datamatics has developed several award-winning IPs and solutions to meet the requirements of different organizations and their functionalities. Two of these, iQ and iPM, are embedded with advanced automation, machine learning, and rule based techniques that transform routine transaction processes into a more analytically focused F&A system. Datamatics’ TruBot enhances business efficiency and improves decision-making. These bots represent a digital workforce that runs 24x7.The critical feature that differentiates RPA from other automation is its unique ability to digitize processes without impacting the underlying systems. This is done by simulating human actions and interacting with multiple systems. For clients looking to build on RoI by automating their standard, repetitive processes, and respond to queries in real-time, Datamatics’ TruBot is the optimum choice.

We help identify the right business drivers in F&A management

Our agile F&A offerings enable businesses to focus on their core competencies and re-structure their financial landscape for better returns. Our technology products are designed to easily integrate with existing F&A frameworks.

  • 20 years of experience in the FAS domain
  • 7 million invoices processed per annum with 99.9% accuracy
  • 1200+ dedicated FAS team members
  • Reduction in cost of operations by 30%-40%
  • Over $6 billion worth of invoices processed every year
  • Month-end closing process optimized from 7 days to 4 days


Plug-in efficiency and expediency in workflows

These smart automation tools will help break down information and operational silos, increase visibility along the F&A chain, and implement predictive analytics for better business insights.

Users will be better equipped to handle contingencies and seasonal spikes, and reduce re-work costs and TAT; all while building a credible audit trail.

Datamatics’ F&A practice   

1.    P2P: Datamatics’ comprehensive F&A solutions suite comes with end-to-end cost optimization techniques for handling the accounts payable process. Users can apply strategic sourcing techniques for easy supplier-master management. Our other services that have brought about tremendous operational savings include contract management, payable management, and supplier performance management solutions.  Users can also benefit from our self-help kiosks and automate all their routine supply chain transactions.

Datamatics has over 2 decades of rich experience in handling large mailroom and check printing operations. Our mailroom services include setting up and maintaining PO boxes, daily pickup of mail from PO boxes, recording and logging in of all incoming mail at the point of entry for a complete audit trail, distribution to processing teams, batching, storage, and destruction.

Datamatics achieves these using its in-house, highly complex, and intelligent IPs such as iQ™, iLCM™, iBridge™, and iMask™.

2.    O2C: Complete client orders in record time by leveraging our integrated O2C solutions. Our application suite automates the entire O2C cycle, right from capturing and fulfilling customer orders, to generating and recording receipts and collections in the general ledger. Components of this suite include sales order processing solution, lock box, automated receipt application, and customer portal solution.

3.    R2R: Our R2R solutions reduce transaction times considerably, especially when processing routine transactions such as posting journal entries and documenting month-end activities. Our executive dashboards provide users with a comprehensive view of cost structures and processes across the organization.

4.     Financial Analysis & Reporting: Datamatics delivers solutions for issuance and performance data for structured financial products. We do comprehensive financial performance analysis of annual reports for around 45,000 corporations (monitored by Fitch) under various GAAP. This will equip enterprises with timely, reliable financial insights and reports for effective decision-making.

5.    Tax & Accounting: our professionals are adept at handling tax accounting services including provisioning, filing, and reporting of US and Canada tax returns. Additionally, using our innovative technology tools, businesses will be able to enhance the scale and scope of operations manifold. Components of this suite include tax processing, accounting & bookkeeping, tax product development & testing, and business analysis and insight.