Data and AI Capabilities
(AI/ML Tools)

Microsoft data and AI solutions

Datamatics Microsoft CoE with its Deep-in-Digital approach enables enterprises to integrate Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the enterprise IT landscape. The CoE enables businesses to integrate different levels of Generative AI and APIs with enterprise applications to deliver exponential outcomes. 

Datamatics Microsoft CoE works synchronously with client's citizen developers and data scientists to institutionalize responsible AI practices developed by Microsoft for building native AI applications. The CoE enables businesses to customize AI/ML decision-making and learning models for modernizing business processes and accelerating development.

Datamatics Offerings - 
Microsoft Data and AI

AI Builder

  • Document processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Object detection for stock management

Microsoft Viva Sales

  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Outlook integration


  • Customer support enhancement
  • Code generation boost
  • Code optimization and automation
  • Real-time language translation


  • Customer inquiry management
  • Resume evaluation management
  • AI-driven centralized policy document access

Azure Data Management

  • Migrate and Modernize Data Estate
  • Power Business Decisions with Cloud Scale Analytics
  • Analytics with Synapse & PowerBI
  • Innovate with AI and Cloud Scale Databases in Every App
  • Enable Unified Data Governance

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