35 Million Documents Auto-classified and consolidated in 2 weeks
Case Study

A Leading American Bank Gets Its 35 Million Documents Auto-classified and Consolidated Within 2 Weeks


One of the leading banks in USA


Banking & Financial Services


The client had acquired 6 banks and the number of documents had increased in their document management system. The client had 35 million documents of loan application forms and supportings and wanted to auto-analyse, auto-index, and auto-classify the documents into 275 pre-defined categories and evaluate Smart Automation possibilities towards classification of the documents

Solution | Artificial Intelligence

Datamatics recommended and implemented TruAI based solution supported by Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies in a result-driven environment for the leading American bank. It did the auto-analysis of the documents and context analysis and auto-classified the documents in one of 275 categories to make documents and pattern discoveries searchable and retrievable using Naïve based algorithm.

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50% Reduction In Operational Expenditure using AI Tool


Reduction In Operational Expenditure

87% Accuracy Improved - Document Classification using AI - Case Study


Accuracy Improved

150 Man Hours Saved Per Month - Document Classification Case Study


Man Hours Saved Per Month

35 mn Documents Auto-Classfied & Auto-Indexed using Artificial Intelligence

35 mn

Documents Auto-Classfied And Auto-Indexed

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