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Automate underwriting to accelerate processes and improve straight-through processing

Datamatics' Underwriting Platform, powered by OutSystems, streamlines your entire insurance lifecycle with end-to-end automation. From mailroom management and document digitization to document classification, intelligent data extraction, and third-party integrations, this comprehensive solution automates everything. AI and rule-driven engines power the process, ensuring consistent, efficient case preparation, initial underwriting, medical underwriting, and communication management. This translates to straight-through processing at every stage, boosting your processing speed by a remarkable 10x. Let the platform handle the repetitive tasks while your team focuses on strategic work, ultimately improving efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering a faster, smoother experience for your customers.

Datamatics Underwriting Platform Features



Use rules-based engine to classify incoming documents
Configurable Rules Engine-01

Configurable Rules Engine

Configure the rules as per changing laws and regulations
Case Notes-01

Case Notes

Add remarks and notes for supporting the Insurance lifecycle
Multiple Roles-01

Multiple Roles

Build in multiple roles (maker-checker) to cross-check the entries
Data Extraction-01

Data Extraction

Leverage AI-driven autonomous data-extraction


Automate underwriting by autofilling fields with extracted data
Risk Scoring-01

Risk Scoring

Build risk scores for individual underwritten cases based on AI and fuzzy-logic
Manual Underwriting for Exception Handling-01

Manual Underwriting for Exception Handling

Build in human-in-the-loop functionalities to continuously handle exceptions and train models
Manual Decision-making on top of AI-driven Architecture-01

Manual Decision-making on top of AI-driven Architecture

Build in decision-making approval hierarchies to reduce risk
Automated Communication-01

Automated Communication

Trigger automated communication through SMS and email to stakeholders

Datamatics Underwriting Platform Differentiators

Reusable APIs-01

Reusable APIs

Improve application performance while reducing cost and time

End-to-End Business Process Automation-01

End-to-End Business Process Automation

Hyperautomate process architecture and improve straight through processing

Enterprise-grade Security-01

Enterprise-grade Security

Build applications within a safe and secure environment

Automated Document Classification-01

Automated Document Classification

Classify incoming documents as they come in

End-to-End Multi Experience Development Platform (MXDP)-01

End-to-End Multi Experience Development Platform (MXDP)

Ensure seamless experience across web, mobile, desktop, and other touch points

Plug-n-Play Architecture-01

Plug-n-Play Architecture

Reduce complexity of application architecture with plug-n-play hyperconnected modules

Enterprise Interoperability-01

Enterprise Interoperability

Ensure application interoperability with different platforms

Role-based Access Control & Security-01

Role-based Access Control & Security

Build in different security layers to improve environment control and security

Auditable Workflows-01

Auditable Workflows

Ensure workflow automation with built-in auditable trails

Data Model Extensibility-01

Data Model Extensibility

Build in extensions as per business requirement to extend the application functionality

Responsive UI-01

Responsive UI

Take a fulid approach to page rearrangement

Multi-tenant Configuration-01

Multi-tenant Configuration

Ensure multiple concurrent users on different client machines through a single instance of the application



Handle large document workloads with quick straight through processing

Datamatics Underwriting Platform Advantage

High Speed & Efficiency-01

High Speed & Efficiency

Build agile applications that ensure minimum clicks during application navigation

Improved Accuracy & Consistency-01

Improved Accuracy & Consistency

Reduce human intervention and data entry error through a hyperconnected environment

Enhanced Customer Experience-01

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improve customer experience through faster turn-around times

Adaptability & Integration-01

Adaptability & Integration

Ensure seamless integration with multi-generational business systems

Risk Mitigation-01

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks with AI-powered and rule-based engines

Accelerated Delivery-01

Accelerated Delivery

Ensure faster delivery across all touch points of underwriting

Seamless User Experience-01

Seamless User Experience

Improve user experience through a device agnostic responsive UI


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