The CPQ Solution built to accelerate sales and beyond

Datamatics' DXCPQ is a comprehensive sales CRM solution crafted for personalized customer journeys. This high-performance CPQ engine, built using Salesforce Lightning Web Components, streamlines sales processes with accurate pricing and quoting. DXCPQ embeds intelligence in product configuration and sales cycles, effortlessly enhancing business results.

Its advanced capabilities enable swift product configuration, pricing, and quoting, generating personalized quotes in minutes. Drive pipeline growth, boost conversions, and improve sales team's productivity.


DXCPQ is a comprehensive Software platform that is designed to be highly performant even with complex products and pricing.

Advanced Product Catalog-01

Advanced Product Catalog

Maximizing organization and presentation of product information ensures seamless updates and efficient navigation for Product and Sales teams, while also streamlining internal operations.

Multi-Currency Support-01

Multi-Currency Support

Enables transactions in various currencies, catering to international customers and expanding market reach with pricing flexibility.

Quote Generation Engine-01-01

Quote Generation Engine

Generate branded quote documents quickly, ensuring professional presentation and accelerating the sales process for businesses.

Seamless Integration with IT Systems-01

Seamless Integration with IT Systems

Rapidly integrate with IT systems within a fortnight, ensuring smooth data flow and minimal disruption for optimized operations and efficiency gains.

Recommendation Engine-01

Recommendation Engine

Provide personalized product suggestions tailored to compatibility and usability criteria, enhancing customer experience and driving engagement and satisfaction.

Key Capabilities

Datamatics' DXCPQ, designed for subscription-savvy businesses, can be deployed in headless mode to support B2B and B2C digital commerce models, providing flexibility and adaptability to diverse business needs.

Product Configuration-01

Product Configuration

Empower Your Team with DXCPQ, that supports linear, hierarchical, bundled, and dynamic bundles.

Comprehensive Rule Engine-01

Comprehensive Rule Engine

Optimal performance with client-side and server-side execution. Ensures CPQ flexibility without cart performance compromise; qualification rules define eligible products for accounts or customers.

Subscription Management-01

Subscription Management

DXCPQ supports full subscription lifecycle, including integration, pricing methods, terms, renewals, and amendments, simplifying complexities out of the box.

Smart CPQ-01

Smart CPQ

The solution supports full subscription lifecycle, handling integration, pricing methods, terms, renewals, and amendments seamlessly out of the box.


DXCPQ helps transform the entire Lead-to-cash process on the flywheel!

Streamlined Product Setup Wizard-01

Streamlined Product Setup Wizard

Experience a Modeled Approach for effortless product configuration

Effortless Bundle Configuration-01

Effortless Bundle Configuration

Simplify Bundle Setup with Intuitive Tools

Elevating B2B Sales with Commerce Expertise-01

Elevating B2B Sales with Commerce Expertise

Bridging the gap for enhanced customer engagement

Attribute-Based Product Model-01

Attribute-Based Product Model

Next-Gen configurability for seamless product customization and subscription management

Boost Revenue Growth-01

Boost Revenue Growth

Experience a remarkable increase in revenue, driven by the enhanced sales efficiency and effectiveness of CPQ solutions.

Improve Quota Attainment-01

Improve Quota Attainment

Empower sales teams to surpass targets with streamlined processes and accelerated deal velocity.

Datamatics Advantage

For Sales Team-01

For Sales Team

Equip your sales teams with the cutting-edge capabilities of DXCPQ. Empower the team to drive sales with intelligence. DXCPQ simplifies complex product configurations, streamlining operations to enhance productivity and efficiency for your sales force.

For Customers-01

For Customers

Deliver precise product configurations, personalized offerings, and competitive pricing through a professionally branded quote, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for the customers right from the start.

For Business-01

For Business

Achieve accelerated sales velocity, revenue growth, improved margins, and elevate customer satisfaction. 




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