Migration from SAP BO to MS Power BI

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Migration from SAP BO to MS Power BI

With more data coming into the business landscape, comes the need for the right business intelligence tool to help organizations analyze that data. Many organizations currently using Enterprise BI platforms such SAP BO are looking at moving away from these monolithic BI platforms to self-service, cloud BI platforms as their current versions are expensive and limited DIY reporting tools.

Although enterprise BI platforms, such as SAP BO, excel at governance, security capabilities and standardized KPI definitions, the huge maintenance cost due to high involvement of large team of IT developers needed to manage and maintain them and expensive licensing are few of the reasons that organizations are looking at migrating to modern analytics platforms, such as MS Power BI.

Datamatics offers solutions for migration from existing SAP BO and other BI environments to MS Power BI. Datamatics' MS Power BI solution enables businesses to connect to disparate data sources and unify the data to create interactive and immersive reports and dashboards. It enables businesses to drive results through actionable insights. Datamatics uses process accelerators at each stage of the migration that reduce timelines, optimize processes, improve efficiency, and enables cost savings. Datamatics thereby enables businesses to reuse existing BI elements, dashboards, and reports, such that they can build synergies and utilize the best of both the worlds.  

Key Drivers for SAP BO to Power BI Platform Migration

Migration from SAP BO to MS Power BI

  • As SAP BO 4.1 has already reached EOL and 4.2 is about to sunset by Dec 2022, customers are actively seeking technology vendors and system integrators for migrating their SAP BO 4.1/4.2 reports and dashboards to a new BI environment.
  • Expensive licensing, high maintenance, and support cost of SAP BO
  • Limited self-service and visualization capabilities
  • New IT spending is moving to the cloud, which includes in-built analytics spending as well 

MS Power BI seems to be the choice for most businesses, who have technology investments in Microsoft suites, due to better synergies with O365 and other Microsoft products. It offers enterprise-grade self-service analytics, smart tools for retrieving and sharing meaningful insights in a collaborative cloud environment, in-built AI capabilities, pre-built and custom data connectors, a clean inventory of reports and dashboards exported or migrated from other environments, end-to-end encryption, and real-time access monitoring.  


Reasons to consider migration to modern BI platforms such as MS Power BI

Modernizing Data & Analytics Infrastructure

Security, cost- and time-savings, scalability, and agility are just some of the benefits of modernizing an organization's data architecture

Moving to the Cloud

When migrating an organization’s applications to the cloud, the BI tool should not be left behind. Business intelligence tools should also take full advantage of an organization's cloud infrastructure

Enabling Self-Service Analytics

Hands-on experience in SFDC implementation, integration, and migration

Better User Experience & New-age Visualizations

MS Power BI’s interactive UI, collaborative & social BI solution elevates user experience

Approach Highlights


Creation of customer-specific migration strategy and plan

BOT Model

Defining policies and standards for the new BI environment

Reports Consolidation

Automated or manual migration focused on existing reports and universe consolidation


Semantic layer centric design based on earlier custom-built SAP BO / old BI environment for the new environment


Requirement gathering, creation, validation, and testing of the new environment with the help of accelerators

Collaborative Effort

Support and monitoring of the migration


User-enablement through eLearning

Accelerators for Migration

Accelerator driven Migration


Transition to a Modern Business Enablement Platform with MS Power BI

Old versus Modern Business Enablement Platform


Business Impact of Migration to MS Power BI 

40 Percent Elevation in User Experience

40% elevation in user experience

 BPM for insurance - Financial Operations & Collection

30% savings related to licensing costs

Application Management Solutions - Projects, Upgrades & Rollouts

Data-driven collaboration among stakeholders

Application Management Services - Real Time Dashboards

Faster time to insights discovery

Real-time search and indexing engine using AI & Cognitive Science Tool

More with less by using intuitive MS Power BI tools

Digital Experience Experts Engineering

Secure data governance across the platform

Application Management Solutions - Public Cloud Hosting

Unlocking big data with self-service data preparation

Accelerated decision making with self-service analytics

Accelerated decision making with self-service analytics

Application Management Services - Real Time Dashboards

Simplified data management with options for cloud and on-premise deployment

Application Management Solutions - Public Cloud Hosting

100% accuracy in the migrated solution

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