6 Best Practices for migrating Business Intelligence setup to the tool of choice on the Cloud

Migration of Business Intelligence Environment to Cloud

As Business Intelligence (BI) environments reach end of life, businesses are actively looking for a more competent, cloud-based, and cost-efficient BI and Advanced Analytics solutions. The cloud offers many contemporary native BI solutions that are tested and proven by peer businesses in global scenarios. However, many businesses have existing custom-built repositories, reports, and universes developed over a period of time and prefer to use a BI tool of choice even after migrating to Cloud.

This white paper includes the best practices associated with the migration of BI and Advanced Analytics environments to a new cloud-based environment such as SAP B) 4.3, MS Power BI, TruBI, etc.



Key Takeaways

Best Practices for migrating BI solutions on cloud

Business benefits of moving BI to cloud

How to choose the environment best suitable for your BI solution

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