Enterprises are realizing huge benefits from automating their accounts payable and receivable processes. These include time and cost savings through faster and more efficient invoice processing, better supplier relationships, and greater control and visibility throughout the invoice life-cycle.

Datamatics’ iPM is a highly customizable web-based workflow system designed for accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes. iPM enables auto-routing of invoices for approvals, provides real-time information through a role-based authentication (RBA) system, and enables web-based invoice submission as well as tracking, and maintains a complete audit trail. Datamatics’ iPM facilitates end-to-end automation of invoice processing and eliminates error.

With transparent invoice tracking, Datamatics’ iPM ensures faster invoice approvals and real-time reporting. Due to the automated invoice processing affected in both the AP and AR domain, iPM imparts high agility, transparency, and visibility to the F&A processes thus ensuring better control and compliance. iPM is widely used by large global organizations, including Fortune 100 companies.



Improved supplier relationships

Ensure timely release of payments and enjoy early payment discounts through automation and agility achieved in the AP domain

Faster turnaround time through automation

Accelerate the F&A back office operations and processes with automation backed by Agile principles and world renowned F&A best practices

Better compliance with regulatory norms

Stay ahead on the statutory compliance trajectory with the formal conformance with accounting norms and principles of the state

Increased RoI through enhanced productivity with same number of resources

Improve resource productivity as well as cash flows and timeliness in the payments and receivables thus ensuring faster realization of RoI

Better visibility and control over the accounts payable and receivable process

Ensure a strong hold on the CFO back office operations along with transparency and agility and grant higher levels of accountability to resources


Workflow Automation Software Tool - ERP Platform

Easy integration with various ERP platforms

Ensure seamless integration with contemporary finance and accounting applications as well as enterprise resource planning solutions and platforms to ensure consistency and auditability of the CFO back office operations and data

Ensure high level of interoperability with existing back office automation solutions

Workflow management Automation software system for F&A Process

AI-enabled and configurable two-way and three-way matching of invoices

Institutionalize AI-enabled matching across invoice, purchase order, and receipt for all transactions

Ensure seamless automation of finance and accounting processes across multiple levels

Expedite invoice processing and accounts processing in the CFO back office

Workflow Automation Software - Records Audit Trail

Ability to record the audit trail for each invoice

Adopt the intelligent process manager powered by workflow, robotics, and intelligent algorithms to automate complex processes

Ensure high traceability and accountability across all finance & accounts transactions

Auto-generate audit trails and ensure audit readiness at all times

Workflow Management Automation System - Dynamic Configuration

Dynamic configuration of any workflow or approval process

Improve the agility of the existing working models across large distributed systems with iPM intelligent process manager

Facilitate administrator level dynamic changes in workflows in accordance with Agile principles

Classroom Training - Workflow Management Automation System

Classroom Training Online supplier portal for e-invoicing

On-board suppliers and ensure knowledge transfers in tandem for commencing operations right from day one

Improve the digital preparedness and readiness of the entire value chain for facilitating end-to-end procure to pay (P2P) and order to cash (O2C) operations

Web Based Workflow Automation Software

Web-based access, throughout mobile devices and browser

Ensure seamless automation and any time anywhere access of the digital invoicing and payment platforms for F&A resources as well as the vendor and supplier side resources

Ensure administrator level auditor roles can perform monthly and quarterly audits and institutionalize governance

Customer MaintenanceMulti-lingual support

View the webpage content as per the language selected, such as English, Hindi, Mandarin, etc.

Import a new language vocabulary setup for faster go-to-market.

Factor in the taxation rules across different regions/states by integrating third-party cloud taxation engines

Record To Report Finance and Accounting ServicesVendor statement reconciliation

Automate the reconciliation processes across the F&A functions

Identify gaps and remediate at an accelerated pace with iPM

Reduce the cycle time from hours to seconds and improve productivity

Procure To Pay (P2P) Services: Invoice & Receipt ReconciliationAd-hoc invoice posting facility

Automate the invoice posting in the enterprise ERP systems

Engage ad-hoc as well as batch posting of invoices


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