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iPM Overview

Enterprises are realizing huge benefits from automating their accounts payable and receivable processes. These include time and cost savings through faster and more efficient invoice processing, better supplier relationships, and greater control and visibility throughout the invoice life-cycle.

Datamatics’ iPM is a highly customizable web-based workflow system designed for accounts payable and receivable processes. iPM enables auto-routing of invoices for approvals, provides real-time information through a role-based authentication system, and enables web-based invoice submission and tracking, and maintains a complete audit trail.

With transparent invoice tracking, iPM ensures faster invoice approvals and real-time reporting. iPM is widely used by large global organizations, including Fortune 100 companies.


Intelligent Process Manager (iPM) Capabilities

Improved supplier relationships

Faster turnaround time through automation

Better compliance with regulatory norms

Increased ROI through enhanced productivity with same number of resources

Better visibility and control over the accounts payable and receivable process

Key Features

Invoice Processing Solution integrates with ERP Platforms

Easy integration with various ERP platforms

Invoice Processing Solution can be configured for 2 & 3 way matching of invoices

Configurable for two-way and three-way matching of invoices

iPM can record audit trail of each invoice

Ability to record the audit trail for each invoice

Intelligent Process Manager (iPM) provides dynamic configuration

Dynamic configuration of any workflow or approval process

Classroom Training

Classroom Training Online supplier portal for e-invoicing.

Mobile Devices And Browser

Web-based access, throughout mobile devices and browser.


Customer Stories

Thousands of businesses trust us to deliver perfection every day.

“Targeting productivity & improvement through process automation”

Chief Financial Officer
Company Size: 500 Mn - 1 Bn USD
Industry: Manufacturing

“Great customer Experience”

Head Collection Strategy Analytics & QA
Company size: 500 Mn - 1 Bn USD
Industry: Finance

“Good to go with Datamatics.”

Senior Executive in the Construction Industry
Company size: 1 Bn - 3 Bn USD
Industry: Construction

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