Webinar - Driving Agility with RPA, IDP & Intelligent Automation Key Use Cases & Good Practices for scalability

Virtual Session on Intelligent Automation

Driving Business Value in GCCs with Intelligent Automation


Automation is top of the GCC agenda for generating business impact and not just cost savings. Adoption of intelligent automation tools, including RPA, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), AI/ML, etc. is growing at a rapid rate and in several GCCs, it is strategic rather than piece-meal approaches to automation.

Watch our expert speaking on 'Driving business value in GCCs with Intelligent Automation'  to uncovers automation adoption trends in GCCs and the areas where intelligent automation is driving strategic impact. 


Key Discussion Points

Adoption of Intelligent Automation in Global Capability Centers

Rapid growth of RPA, IDP & AI/ML

Recommendations to ensure that automation initiatives stay on track and deliver business value.