Datamatics Underwriting Platform powered by OutSystems


Datamatics Underwriting Platform

Datamatics’ Underwriting Platform powered by OutSystems automates the end-to-end insurance underwriting process. From ingesting the application form, KYC, health reports, and other supporting documents, classifying them, integrating the extracted data, aligning the data with Generative AI, and deriving rules-driven Risk Scoring, the Underwriting Platform improves the Insurance Underwriter’s productivity and efficiency by 10X. 

Being Low Code No Code (LCNC) and highly configurable, it’s time-to-value is less than two months with an equally quick return-on-investment. This video demonstrates the platform in its minimum viable product format, along with its usability, LCNC customizability, extensibility, and integrability with the larger Insurance business ecosystem. High degree of accuracy, consistency of outcome, and straight-through processing are few of the important benefits of the Datamatics Underwriting Platform. 

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