Intelligent Process Manager


Enterprises are realizing huge benefits from automating their accounts payable/receivable processes. These include time and cost savings through faster and more efficient invoice processing, better supplier relationships, and greater control and visibility throughout the invoice lifecycle.

Datamatics’ iPM is a highly-customizable web-based workflow system designed for accounts payable / receivable processes. iPM enables auto-routing of invoices for approvals, provides real-time information through a role-based authentication system, and enables web-based invoice submission and tracking, and maintains a complete audit trail.

With transparent invoice tracking, iPM ensures faster invoice approvals and real-time reporting. iPM is widely used by large global organizations, including Fortune 100 companies.


  • Increased ROI through enhanced productivity with same number of resources
  • Faster turnaround time through automation
  • Better compliance with regulatory norms
  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Better visibility and control over the accounts payable/ receivable process



  • Easy integration with various ERP platforms
  • Configurable for 2-way and 3-way matching of invoices
  • Ability to record the audit trail for each invoice
  • Dynamic configuration of any workflow or approval process
  • Online supplier portal for e-invoicing. Suppliers can view the status and track their remittance through the portal
  • Web-based access, including through mobile devices, through a browser or custom application