Adani automates mutual fund processing

Oct 21, 2013 10:00:00 AM
The Adani Group is a global integrated infrastructure player with businesses in resources, logistics and energy sectors. The group comprising of 21 companies invests in over 200 mutual funds and over 150 transactions worth millions have to be tracked daily and entered into a SAP system.

Mutual fund processing is a complicated process that requires domain knowledge and SAP usage. The usual document runs into multiple pages with multiple schemes. Thus, there was a huge scope of missing or uploading wrong data in the SAP system as the data layout in each mutual fund statement is different. This led the group to set up a team that would manually feed the data in the SAP system.

In order to simplify the process and minimize any chances of error, Adani adopted a solution by Datamatics for automating mutual fund processing. The solution automatically downloads mutual fund statements from e-mails. Using Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy logic, it extracts the information and validates and formats it. The solution then populates the mutual funds sale/ purchase and dividend transactions in the SAP multiple screen as per different transaction codes. By automating mutual fund processing, Adani has achieved operational efficiency with high accuracy. It has improved productivity by 600 percent.

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