Connected Data to leverage product affinity driven customer segmentation
Connected Data has a major application in driving Product Affinity-based Customer Segmentation. Why do we think it’s an Imperative need for all Businesses?

Each Customer is different, yet forms part of a category or group. The real challenge for businesses is in identifying such marketable ‘groups’, create an apt marketing strategy and maximize impact and profitability. By combining the concepts of Connected Data and using the best data mining and analytical approaches, organizations can identify products within their portfolio that have a higher tendency to “sell together”. These could be from a similar product category, like say Insurance plans. These could even be cross-category like say Soaps and Shampoos. Product affinity analysis aims to create distinct customer segments with affinity towards specific group of products to devise sharper positioning campaigns, marketing promotions & personalized offers. All this by leveraging the power of Connected Data!
Join in our upcoming discussion on Wednesday, 20th Jan, 2021 as we bring together yet another exciting panel of experts and business leaders to discuss the immense benefits of Connected Data to drive 'Product Affinity-based Customer Segmentation'. It’ll also be useful to have a quick look into our previous sessions on the Relevance of Connected Data and Customer Lifetime Value in this ongoing webinar series.
When: 20th January- 09:00 AM EST | 02:00 PM GMT | 07:30 PM IST

Parthanil Ghosh.jpg

Speaker: Parthanil Ghosh
President - Motor Business
HDFC ERGO General Insurance

Jerome hancock
Speaker: Jerome Hancock
Global Head of
Data Strategy
Hall & Partners

Speaker: Dr. Bikramjit
SVP - Data Science

Andy 1
Moderator: Andy Waller
Head Strategic Partnerships- R&A