CX Transformation

Transform Customer Experience to enhance customer lifetime value

Customer Acquisition Solution

Datamatics CX Transformation transforms the CX landscape to make it best-in-class and future ready. We do this by transforming the technology landscape, transforming processes, transforming agent experience & transforming data. CX Transformation connects People, Process and Technology to improve business performance while reducing Cost to Serve, Total Cost of Ownership, and Operational Costs. We eliminate complexities, automate processes, digitize information assets, optimize CX channel operations, and augment agents with information and digital tools. Our offerings transform customer satisfaction into customer delight; thus improving revenue ratios and lowering cost ratios.

Datamatics CX Transformation Offerings

Pre-sales Support  - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Cloud Telephony and Omnichannel CX Management

  • Automate processes towards People, Process, and Technology convergence
  • Leverage connected ecosystems to improve CX
Tele-Sales & Pre-Sales Support - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Process Automation

  • Leverage technology enablement to automate and optimize processes
  • Optimize total cost of ownership
Tele-Sales & Pre-Sales Support - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Agent Augmentation

  • Leverage AI/ML and digital interventions to support agents during calls in real-time through customer-specific dashboards and pop-ups
Tele-Sales & Pre-Sales Support - Customer Acquisition Solutions

Enterprise Data Management System

  • Identify gaps to build single source of truths and design ground-up digital interventions to bridge the gaps

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