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In the dynamic & ever-evolving landscape of customer experience, technology & AI play a transformative role in ensuring agent efficiency and customer satisfaction. Datamatics AI-powered CX offerings help transcend traditional contact centers to future-ready digital contact centers that are customer-centric; backed by ‘Super Agents’ with AI at its core. Datamatics delivers CX solutions powered by AI for creating customer delight, driving customer loyalty, and triggering revenue growth. Datamatics teams leverage the AI-human synergy to deliver smarter solutions across the board, including sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, travel, financial institutions, and more. The AI-driven CX solutions service an omnichannel and multi-language environment by leveraging nuanced Customer Management strategies across each customer journey. Datamatics humanizes the digital and digitizes the human with Responsible AI to drive Customer Service Excellence and lower the TCO at the same time.

Datamatics CX Offerings powered by AI


Omnichannel CX

Leverage AI to break down silos and provide a cohesive, personalized, and unified experience at every touchpoint in the journey. From Unified Workspace, Virtual Assistant, AI-based Security and Compliance, Smart Bots, and Content Mining to Real-time insights extraction, we provide a holistic customer-centric experience every time the customer interacts with the brand.

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AI-powered Operations Management

De-risk with our AI-backed operational management framework – EQUIP (Engage, Qualify, Unify, Infuse, and Propel) that ensures a smooth transition from initial engagement to fully realized operational efficacy. From Training, Automated Quality powered by AI to Agent Assist make every agent-customer interaction efficient and effective.

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AI-Powered Insights

Empower agents with data-driven insights for decision-making, adapt to customer expectations, and respond proactively. Enable actionable insights with Voice of Customer, Customer Satisfaction, Sentiment Analysis, Trend Analysis, Operational Data Insights to AI-assisted analytics.

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AI-driven Intelligent Automation

Automate workflows with high accuracy, free-up resources from repetitive tasks, minimize the need for manual data entry, exception management, and quality checks with TruBot RPA and TruCap+ IDP 

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Case Study


Improved The Customer Service Quality For A Fastest Growing Multi-Channel E-Retailer

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Data and Customer Management Strategy – The AXIS Approach

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Humanizing the digital - The AI driven contact centers of the future

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Optimize Customer Experience Management with Advanced Analytics

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Enabling superior customer experience with Customer Management Solutions

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