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Ensure Superior Customer Experience with Generative AI powered Agent Engagement


Larry cites the Service-Profit chain concept, which states that a close working relationship between engaged FTEs/agents and satisfied end-customers drives brand and revenue growth. He says that this Service-Profit chain reaction is the crux of Customer Experience Management and ensures continuous revenue growth for the business. It helps businesses achieve exponential results.

He further says that this paradigm views the “Happy Agent – Happy Customer” equation as a circle of trust and harmony that continues to grow and harmonize business relations. Larry adds that the Agents’ engagement at their job and their enablement powered by technologies, such as Generative AI, help them to promptly query up the business’ unified data systems and quickly suggest solutions to end-customer queries. 

Technology-assisted performance of the agents improves the speed of query resolution and execution from days to hours and hours to minutes. The agent performance thus directly translates into customer delight, trust, and loyalty. Generative AI-driven tools empower agents to continuously improve the end-customer experience. It helps businesses go beyond the 80:20 paradigm in revenue generation to achieve exponential growth.

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Key Takeaways

Regular efforts at improving customer experience give normal results.

Agent well-being driven end-customer satisfaction creates exponential business value.

Synergies of Service-Profit value chain and GenAI generate continuous business value.

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