Cloud Synergy - The effective transition from Colocation to Work from Home (WFH)

Cloud Synergy for WFH

Traffic congestions and the more recent tryst with mass scale pandemics have necessitated the need for remote operations within the ambits of enterprise framework to improve productivity and ensure business continuity.

Cloud solutions offer an immediate fix to the woes of rolling-out remote operations and work from home (WFH) infrastructure, almost overnight. Essentially, Cloud solutions allow you to migrate from CapEx to OpEx intensive paradigm.

This whitepaper elucidates five Software as a Service (SaaS) modes of operations, which allow enterprises to jumpstart their operations quickly. The cloud paradigm synergises team capabilities and allows remote workers to connect with their globally dispersed teams.



Key Takeaways

Why is it a high-time for the adoption of the cloud technology

Different areas where the cloud could be implemented within an organization

Benefits of Cloud-based SaaS applications

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