Advanced Retail Store Feature-based Clustering For a Large Multi-brand Retailer

Overcome The Inherent and Intrinsic Weaknesses of the Erstwhile Classification

Advanced retail store clustering makes it possible to clearly determine the function of various store sections and their significance in leveraging the business. A store can get multiple memberships based on different sections however there will be a trade-off based on generic & specific features for the cluster membership. This design thinking based approach helps overhaul the erstwhile outdated store segmentation process and replace it with an impactful strategy to improve overall profitability at each store level.



Key Takeaways

The spectrum of store features and attributes leveraged to carve out segmentation scheme

Unique approach and lucid interpretations of the outcomes that led to swift implementations at ground level, resulting in impactful business resurrections

The different data sources merged & studied in detail through exploratory data analysis

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