Why should enterprises move towards Intelligent Automation?

Why Intelligent Automation?

Till a few years ago, businesses consumed only “structured data”. However, as Industry 4.0 rolls-on along a jerky path of market turbulences, businesses are increasingly leveraging unstructured data, which is also sometimes referred to as dark data, to eliminate the waiting period and speed up transactions. Though as much as it is easy to process “structured data”, the level of difficulty to process “unstructured data” with traditional tools is high and requires frequent human intervention. With the contemporary levels of innovation, pure-play RPA is able to consume and process only “structured data” and NOT “unstructured data”.

As a far-reaching solution to typical business woes, Artificial Intelligence Augmented Development (AIAD) progressively uses AI and its sub-fields such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Computer Vision or Machine Vision, etc., to consistently deliver speed and quality. AIAD works on the foundation of data training and data extrapolation, where Intelligent Automation is a sub-field under the afore-stated umbrella term. Intelligent Automation, which is AI-aided RPA, enables interpreting of even “unstructured data”.