OVID-19 After-effects on E-Commerce

COVID-19 After-effects on E-Commerce - Rise of On-demand Apps and Digital Buying


The e-commerce industry had been on a rigorous growth trajectory and a peak digital adoption through the pandemic accelerated its growth further. The lockdowns along with the travel bans mandated consumers to shop online and get used to it. Products that were mostly bought from brick and mortar stores, like milk and medicine, are now actively being purchased via the internet with no hesitation.

This whitepaper aims to bring into the limelight various technological advancements that e-commerce is undergoing and ways and use cases retailers can use to tap into their enormous potential.



Key Takeaways

Mobile Apps - A Robust and Monopolistic Conduit For Ecommerce Growth

Technologies available for e-commerce app development and their use cases

Top Technological Use Cases in Ecommerce Apps

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