Webinar | Role of Mystery Shopping in Customer Experience

Webinar / Panel Discussion

Role of Mystery Shopping in Customer Experience


Mystery Shopping is an integral part of Customer Experience. It is a process where mystery shoppers or mystery auditors visit retail outfits, such as banks, stores, etc., posing as customers and try to understand the consumer sentiment about particular products, brands, organizations, banks, etc.

Mystery Shopping auditors drive an emotional as well as intelligent connect with real consumers to gather meaningful information that helps an organization or a brand to improve the Customer Experience. A higher connect with consumers is a must have in today’s dynamic market.

Customer Experience has to be more proactive and Mystery Shopping is a means to achieve this business objective. Mystery Shopping plays a very important role in taking the Customer Experience and customer delight to the next level.


  • Sandeep Arora
    EVP & Global Head – Customer Management & Consulting, Datamatics
  • Zaheer Ghani
    Vice President & Director Membership, MSPA Asia Pacific

Key Takeaways

Role of Mystery Shopping in Enhancing Customer Experience

How Technology expedites actionable insight generation and builds the Connected Data paradigm

Artificial Intelligence enables brands to convert subjective inputs into objective and achievable outputs