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Collaboration, Transparency & Compliance Through P2P Transformation


Procure-to-pay (P2P) is one of the most significant process in an organisation. The process is very critical to the CFOs and as business evolves, it becomes important for them to transform their existing processes to yield higher efficiency in back-office operations.
Krushna Rath explains why procure-to-pay transformation is the need of the hour and how you can leverage technologies like IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), RPA & Analytics to improve your productivity, reduce your TAT and optimize costs. 
Test03-Collaboration, Transparency & Compliance Through Procure To Pay (P2P) Transformation -2019061


Key Takeaways

Procure-to-pay trends

Why prcure-to-pay transformation is the need of the hour

Adopion of Technologies like RPA, AI and IDP in procure-to-pay

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