Webinar - Driving Agility with RPA, IDP & Intelligent Automation Key Use Cases & Good Practices for scalability

Webinar on Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation: RPA, IDP, AI/ML Which Automation Tool Fits-the bill For Your Business Needs


Automation remains a key priority on the enterprise IT agenda and several automation tools and new terms to define broader automation capabilities, such as Intelligent Automation and Hyperautomation are gaining popularity.

Gartner estimates RPA software to be the fastest-growing enterprise software segment, With the combination of RPA, IDP, and AI/ML capabilities, users can build and execute Intelligent Automation workflows to achieve a greater degree of automation.

RPA is process-driven, AI is data-led - a combination of two approaches is suitable for end-to-end automation. Process optimization is important, throwing RPA bots at sub-optimal processes will fail to deliver any significant business value. Enterprises following discrete approaches to automation without a well-thought-out strategy run the risk of creating further process and functional silos, with a significantly high cost of ownership, don’t be one of those enterprises.


Key Discussion Points

Hyperautomation paradigm and key solution architectural components

RPA, IDP, and Intelligent Automation – which tool is appropriate for your requirements?

Recommendations to ensure that automation initiatives stay on track and deliver business value.