Hi, witness the decrease in production go-live time with Gen AI-powered IDP, from weeks to days - Discover how.

If you’ve grown weary of grappling with the complexities of handling intricate documents using traditional methods, seize this opportunity.

During this live panel discussion, Vaibhav Bansal, (Vice President at Everest Group), Shashi Bhargava, (EVP of Intelligent Automation Solutions & Products at Datamatics) and Marla Latvatalo, (Director, Intelligent Automation, Datamatics) provide valuable insights into how Generative AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) transforms document workflows. By harnessing Generative AI, organizations can reduce manual errors, streamline time-consuming processes, and achieve impressive scalability. The outcomes are sure to be remarkable.

Tune in to our live webinar on: Complex Document Processing and Faster Go-Live Made Possible with Gen AI

Key Discussion Points

Challenges with traditional document processing: manual handling, error-prone extraction, and lack of scalability being the common ones.

Why Generative AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)? It's benefits in terms of better accuracy, efficiency, security and multilingual capabilities.

Experience accelerated production go-live, reducing deployment time from weeks to days for quicker realization of benefits.