KYC automation using Robotic Process Automation RPA Case Study
Case Study

TruBot Automates KYC Form Processing For A Leading Bank


India's largest private sector bank


Banking & Financial Services

Robotic Process Automation RPA for KYC automation case study


As the bank's customers were increasing day by day, they faced a few issues while processing the KYC forms. They wanted to set up a faster and robust platform for processing those forms and accommodate volume spikes while maintaining a very high accuracy level & customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs.


Datamatics helped in KYC automation for the bank by redesigning the forms for speeding up data capture and implemented its RPA tool, TruBot to automatically process the data, manage the entire KYC processing cycle including receipt of documents via fax, mail, courier, scanning, processing, validating, document management, archival, retrieval, and generation of MIS reports

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50% Reduction In Man Hours - RPA in Bank Case Study


Reduction In Man Hours

RPA Solutions Increase 60% in The Productivity


Increase In The Productivity

40-50% Increase In The Cost Efficiencies Of “Run The Business” using RPA


Increase In The Cost Efficiencies Of“Run The Business”

100% Error Free System - RPA in Banking Solutions Case Study


Error Free System

Case Study: KYC Automation in Banks Using RPA in the BFSI industry

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