TruBI Generates Real-Time Reports For A Leading Lifestyle Products Retailer Case Study
Case Study

TruBI Generates Real-Time Reports For A Leading Lifestyle Products Retailer


The client is a leading lifestyle products retailer that has been responsible for the launch of some of the biggest global brand name businesses in India.



BI Tool Generate real-time reports for a leading retailer case study


The client had presence in multiple cities and since their operations were scattered due to this, they wanted to have a comprehensive snapshot of business operations, at macro and micro level, across 350 points of sales in 32 Indian cities.

The client wanted to automate the reporting function to churn reports, such as trend analysis and trade analysis, by using the old as well as the new data


Datamatics deployed its BI and Advanced Analytics solution, TruBI, for processing and analysing the vast amounts of data generated at the client side.

They also set up a data warehouse for R-Pro and Shopper data as there was no direct connectivity for Btrieve along with running of periodic processes for exporting data from Btrieve to data warehouse. The team also provided training for early user adoption.

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Single view

Single View

Of critical business data generated



Created to provide users with a tailored view of their important business metrics

Swift Decisions

Swift Decisions

taken to ensure usage of the right set of business data

Dashboard and Reports

Dashboards & Reports

To get real time advanced analytics of the data

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