Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

Multi-Cloud App & Infrastructure Consulting for a Leading Communications Provider for Schools Across Australia


The client is one of the leading communications partners for thousands of schools across Australia. It specializes in communication tools that increase parent engagement and streamline admin systems, assisting schools to connect with and keep their community informed.


Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services


Australia & UK



  • Weak security: The Security Groups were accessible from anywhere & that increased chances of attacks/intrusions. Common ports & database ports were open to all. Servers were not patched for a long time which increased the chances of vulnerabilities.
  • High costs: High Monthly billing due to large capacity but less utilization as many resources were created but not used anymore.


  • Assessment report-based solution: Datamatics provided a cost-effective & secure solution based on the assessment report that provided complete information on the existing architecture.
  • Recommendations: Datamatics provided recommendations to consolidate the application on any one cloud platform instead of distributing across GCP and AWS. Governance recommendations were provided to improve the overall security of the application and Cloud resources.



19% reduction in overall TCO

 With better control over resources and processes


32% increase in efficiency

 With optimized cloud resources


10% rise in total schools registered


100% Centralization
with a unified place for all business operations

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