Implemented Salesforce for a Leading International Organization Case Study
Case Study

An Australian financial modelling company saves 25% cost and improves customer experience


The client is an Australian company providing consulting services to government and private sector clients. The client specializes in the development of enterprise-wide cost, performance, and predictive models.


Financial Services





The legacy application was built on an obsolete technology, was rigid, hard to scale and was incompatible with other modern applications. The client’s existing app was not compatible with Azure AD which led to the recreation of the current application.

The client wanted to enhance the authentication capabilities of its suite of web-based apps for financial modelling. The client wanted to improve user management, information sharing, and authentication mechanisms including support for F-SSO with other SAML services.


Datamatics developed a new app for the client using C# on .Net Core on Azure App Services utilizing Azure SQL as the application database storage subsystem. This new system was developed with a user interface similar to that of PowerBI and facilitated multi-tenancy.

Implemented Azure Cloud AD authentication, O365 users’ authentication, and SAML 2.0 compliant authentication. The Tenancy Management solution was also implemented through this layer, and Microsoft Graph was used to access Office 365 user data and for Azure AD User Management.



25% Savings

on costs with cloud implementation and managed services for their infrastructure.

TAT Reduction

With effective change management

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