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Case Study

A Leading Non-Profit Organization Increases Education Enrollment Rate by 30% with a Digital Learning Marketplace


The client is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming the educational landscape across rural parts of Asia.


International Organization



There was an absence of a digital platform for communication between teachers and students. There was also a lack of scalability of the application to support multiple users and features. The client did not have the requisite technical resources and skills to revamp the existing application and scale it to onboard the maximum number of students and teachers.

The client wanted to build a unique platform to create a learning marketplace for students in remote areas of India and connect them with teachers on-demand.


Datamatics developed a classroom learning module using technology interventions and gave access to manage coursework, curriculum, assessments, etc., and end-to-end support to deliver online classes

Datamatics also implemented reporting and dashboards to uncover insights on the usage and adoption of the platform while improving the forecasting model used to match students and teachers

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30% Increase

In online school enrollment rate

30% Decrease

In platform development costs

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