Datamatics Unveils Cutting-edge Generative AI-powered Solutions at Gartner IT Symposium /Xpo 2023 in the USA & Europe, and Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2023, London

Oct 17, 2023 5:28:23 PM

Datamatics Unveils Cutting-edge Generative AI-powered Solutions at Gartner IT Symposium 2023 in the USA & Europe, and Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2023, London


17th October 2023, Mumbai: Datamatics, a leading global Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences Company, announced the successful integration of Generative AI into its comprehensive array of services and solutions. The integration involves incorporating Generative AI into its Intelligent Automation Platform, which encompasses TruBot Robotic Process Automation (RPA), TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and TruBI Business Intelligence products. Datamatics has created a range of market-ready solutions in diverse domains, including Enterprise Content Mining, Virtual Assistants, Financial Data Analytics, and Revenue Operations (RevOps). 

Datamatics will showcase its cutting-edge GenAI-powered solutions at the upcoming Gartner® IT Symposium/ Xpo™ 2023 in Orlando, USA, and Barcelona, Spain as well as Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2023 (SSOW 2023), London. Among the key solutions featured are:

GenAI Integration with TruBot RPA: Citizen developers can effortlessly create bots using natural language commands, which transform into fully operational workflows, resulting in functional bots in minutes. The integration offers customers several benefits, including enhanced developer productivity, quicker deployment, cost savings in bot development and maintenance, and support for natural language interaction. 

GenAI Integration with TruCap+ IDP: Data-intensive businesses can leverage GenAI- powered TruCap+ for auto-classification of documents, ontology creation, and data extraction from complex documents. This integration offers customers benefits, such as higher accuracy, reduced training time resulting in faster go-live, reduced cost of maintenance, and multi-lingual support. Data extracted through TruCap+ integrates well with RPA to deliver the benefits of true automation. 

Enterprise Content Mining: Content-intensive businesses can leverage Datamatics'  Enterprise Content Mining solutions for information extraction from diverse data sources and content repositories such as contracts, mortgage documents, product documentation, insurance and healthcare claims, etc. 

Financial Data Analytics: Datamatics leverages Artificial Intelligence to unlock vital insights from financial documents to facilitate data-driven decision-making, risk management, and improved operational efficiency. Datamatics teams use AI to annually process 15 million balance sheet documents for global credit agencies. 

Virtual Assistants: Datamatics' GenAI-powered virtual assistants ensure consistent brand experience, faster query resolution, and 24/7 intelligent support in multiple languages, resulting in superior user experience for customer-centric businesses. 

RevOps (Revenue Operations): Datamatics empowers businesses with GenAI-driven RevOps solutions, streamlining revenue-related processes and enhancing performance. 

Mitul Mehta, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Datamatics,  expressed, "At Datamatics, we've made significant investments in enhancing our AI capabilities, and Generative AI has bolstered our ongoing efforts. We consistently integrate AI across our Technologies, Operations, Experiences, and Products businesses," he explained. "We think the Gartner IT Symposium/ Xpo and SSOW 2023 stand as distinguished conferences, tailored for CIOs and IT leaders, dedicated to exploring upcoming technology trends. We are delighted to showcase our GenAI solutions within the Gartner IT Symposium and SSOW community, emphasizing our commitment to innovation and value creation."

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