Datamatics to showcase Robotic Process Automation Solutions at The Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit – 2016, New York

Jun 13, 2016 11:13:00 AM

Mumbai, June 10, 2015: Datamatics Global Services Limited will be showcasing its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions at The Global Sourcing & Cloud Summit – 2016, in New York City, NY USA, from 13th June to 14th June.

The IT and business industries have shifted their practices from technical and mechanical race to gliding in the new age of robotic process automation. Standardization and business systems have changed their values to enhance the business variables and strengthen their processing for quick and quality delivery. And Datamatics has been successfully using RPA technology as a key enabler to help clients in their digital transformation journey.

Datamatics’ RPA solutions use iBots, which is a family of intelligent robots to offer improved business efficiency and effectiveness by emulating human actions & decision-making processes and automating them, without making changes to the underlying systems and processes.
Elaborating on Datamatics RPA solutions and iBots, Rahul Kanodia, Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics said, “Datamatics team has developed several tools and products for smart automation that use iBots.  These intellectual property assets have been adopted and implemented by global organizations across multiple industries, and have contributed to their business growth, with increased productivity and improved accuracy & compliance.”

Some of the award-winning products & tools include -

  • iBridge: robots for obtaining and populating information across multiple software applications
  • eContent Manager: robots for content migration across multiple ECM platforms
  • iClass: intelligent document classification robots that uses big data and text analytics
  • iConcile: robots for auto reconciliation of bank statements

Our expert RPA advisor Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, Vice President, Datamatics Global Services, will be sharing the stage as a panelist for the session on “RPA Revolution: Laying the Groundwork in Your Business”. He will discuss how RPA is helping organization automate their business processes and what are the threats as well as challenges of RPA implementation.
To know more about iBots and Datamatics’ RPA solutions visit us at Booth #3. To know more about our RPA solution, please visit

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