Datamatics, System Soft Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership to Strengthen North American Presence

Feb 10, 2021 1:58:59 PM

SSTech a preferred partner for Datamatics’ Intelligent Automation (IA) platform

Datamatics, a global Digital Solutions, Technology, and BPM company, and System Soft Technologies (SSTech), a leader in enterprise IT services, solutions, and products, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership covering the North American region. The distribution agreement gives SSTech access to Datamatics’ Intelligent Automation (IA) suite of products including TruAI, TruCap+, and TruBot. SSTech will leverage Datamatics IA products to deploy automation with speed and scale for its enterprise customers.

Datamatics is aggressively investing in expanding its partner network and has more than 170 strategic partners globally. The partnership with SSTech will allow Datamatics to expand its presence and increase the sales momentum in the North American region. It will also lead to faster implementation and superior product support.

As a U.S. Preferred Partner, SSTech will have complete access to Datamatics' various product modules, platforms, training and technical programs. SSTech will have the advantage of delivering end-to-end automation, leveraging Datamatics IA products.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation platform includes:

  • TruCap+ – Datamatics TruCap+ is an AI-enabled, template-free, cloud-based, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product that enables enterprises to processes huge data volumes with speed and accuracy. To know more about our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product, click here
  • TruBot – Datamatics TruBot is an enterprise-grade, multi-skilled bot, which allows business users without programming knowledge to design bots at the click of a button. To know more on TruBot – RPA solution, click here
  • TruAI – Datamatics TruAI is a comprehensive artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences platform, which helps enterprises leverage use cases related to pattern detection, text and data mining, and computer vision. To know more about our AI platform TruAI, click here

“We are now strategically positioned, allowing SMBs to use intelligent automation with incredible efficiency and technology power when they would be otherwise priced out of its benefits,” said Mr. Thomas C. Helfrich, Vice President, Intelligent Automation Practice at System Soft Technologies. “We can help them move faster and more cost-effectively by bringing thousands of examples and projects as experience to remove their barriers. With Datamatics AI-powered platform, we can innovate for our customers, starting on day one.”

Mr. Mitul Mehta, SVP & Head, Marketing & Communications at Datamatics, said, "We are happy to partner with SSTech. North America is a growing market for Intelligent Automation. The partner's strong presence coupled with its IT Services & Solutions capabilities will help us make further inroads. We look forward to collaborating closely and accelerating our clients' automation journey.”

"Our partnership with Datamatics gives our customers an innovative, end-to-end automation solution," said Mr. Stephen Moritz, Chief Digital Officer at System Soft Technologies. "Together, we are taking accessibility of intelligent automation to a new level for SMBs. We will help those companies break free from the relentless cycle of stalled proof of concept projects and islands of bots scattered across their organizations, so digital transformation becomes a reality, rather than an aspiration."

About System Soft Technologies
Systems Soft Technologies (SSTech) is a $140-million, privately-held, global technology firm founded in 1999, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company is focused on helping businesses accelerate innovation through the delivery of exceptional IT products, services and solutions. SSTech’s broad range of capabilities contribute to the success of its clients across a myriad of industries and verticals and include digital transformation, application development, data analytics, Big Data, cyber security, AI/ML and cloud services and solutions. SSTech expertly combines the right people, processes and technologies, enabling its clients to maximize business value, operational efficiencies and software developer talent through the digital strategies driving today’s businesses to grow. SSTech also incubates new technologies, including two major data analytics startups, Elysium Analytics and Delphian Trading, respectively, next-generation cyber security and fintech innovators. Learn more about System Soft Technologies.

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