Datamatics' Nashik Delivery Centre of Excellence Completes One Year of Operations

Jun 18, 2008 10:00:00 AM

Nashik, June 18, 2008: The Delivery Centre of Excellence set up by IT and BPO services provider Datamatics at Nashik has completed one year of operations.

Starting operations with 30 Datamaticians on 18 June 2007, the centre currently employs nearly 300 employees in IT and BPO projects. The capacity of the centre is expected to touch 1,500 by end-2008. The centre, housed in the 55,000-square feet Suyojit Datamatics Knowledge Centre on the Mumbai-Nashik highway, was first set up when Datamatics identified the potential of Nashik as a growing city with modern infrastructrure. Nashik is strategically located, merely 180 kilometers or a 3-hour drive from Mumbai or Pune.

"We did a thorough analysis on Nashik, the exercise lasting a few months. We then presented our findings in the form of a business plan to the Board of Directors. The business plan consisted of the industry analysis, population, educational institutes, socio-political, legal and macro-economic environment, competition, SWOT, among others. Nashik also fits in with our business continuity plan," said Sameer L. Kanodia, Executive Director, Datamatics.

Datamatics' Nashik Delivery Centre of Excellence has received more than 150 "Five Star" ratings from customers so far. It also received the ISO27001 certification for Information Security Management Systems. "This is an indication of the robust recruitment process, the quality of staff we have hired, as well as the maturity of our training and information security processes," added Kanodia. "Professionally-qualified and well-trained people are our main asset. We will continue with the strategy we are following in Nashik: hire very bright people, make them responsible and accountable, and develop core competence."

Dr. Lalit S. Kanodia, Chairman, Datamatics, stated, "Nashik has been an excellent choice, not only due to its proximity to Mumbai but also due to the quality of its educational institutes and the availability of excellent infrastructrure."

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