Datamatics Honoured With “Technology Partner for Global Transit Revenue Systems Award”

Feb 26, 2015 2:00:00 PM

New Delhi, February 26, 2015: Datamatics Global Services Limited (DGSL) announced that they have been conferred with the “Technology Partner for Global Transit Revenue Systems Award” at the 4th Annual Metro Rail India Summit at New Delhi on 20th February. DGSL received this award for their key partnerships with several Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) across the globe for complex real-time back-end software development and life cycle support. Datamatics’ deep domain and technology expertise have led to some of the most successful Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems in the world managing multiple entry and exit points along with automatic ticket vending machines, point-of-sale terminals, validators, automatic gates and card readers.

The Technology Partner Award honours stellar solutions in engineering services that help in streamlining business processes and have a positive impact on cost management and human resource optimization. Datamatics’ solution ensured that the client’s several different types of payment terminals were seamlessly integrated with the organization’s product and tariff management, fare collection and accounting & reconciliation systems.

Speaking about the award, Rahul Kanodia – Vice Chairman& CEO at DGSL said, “This award is a testament to the excellent work that we have been doing to help Metros worldwide improve their customer’s experience. By combining our domain knowledge with technology expertise, we have been able to unify complex and multi-faceted systems to ensure faster decision making, ease of business and drastically reduced time to market. Moreover, these benefits can also be extended through our mobility enabled solutions for the transport industry, integrated ticketing solutions and tolling & parking solutions.”

Datamatics’ solutions have helped several of the largest MRT systems including the London Underground, the Dubai Metro, Melbourne Multi-Modal Transport and KCRC Hong Kong with reduced operational costs and greater efficiency.

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