Datamatics Global Services Launches Smart Form 16A Processing Solution

Aug 6, 2010 10:00:00 AM

Mumbai, August 6, 2010: Datamatics Global Services Limited, provider of smart, nextgeneration smart document processing solutions that address the business challenges of customers globally, announced the launch of a smart business solution that assures lower document processing costs, improved turn-around times and many other benefits as compared to paper-based, manual processing.

The solution, Form 16A Processing (i-16A), leverage Artificial Intelligence / fuzzy logic to process Form 16A accurately. This solution eliminates manual keyboarding of Form 16 A, increases accuracy and reduces costs by 75%. It will help handle high cyclical volumes of Form 16A data for submission to the Income Tax Department.

Form 16A TDS Processing solution helps accounting teams automate the process of calculating all the taxation details while filing the tax returns. The solution helps make the tedius task of tax data processing, which is also susceptible to significant human errors, faster, cheaper and with high accuracy.

“The solutions have been well-received by customers and several customers have gone live. These solutions deliver cost-savings of up to 80%, significant effort reduction and turnaround time improvements of up to 75%. We are looking for collaborative relationships with channel partners who have a solid technology background, experience in selling multiple solutions and an existing clientele among corporates,” said Rahul L. Kanodia, Vice Chairman & CEO, Datamatics Global Services Limited.

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