Transforming conventional customer management solutions through enhanced Digital Experiences

Digital Customer Experience CX


Technology continues to play a vital role in transforming Customer Management solutions. Datamatics’ Intelligent solutions and proprietary products have allowed it to ‘redefine’ the path towards Advanced and Automated Customer Management.

Datamatics’ expertise in technology has enabled it to digitize, deploy robotics, leverage data science models, such as pricing analytics & customer lifetime value (CLV) across the CMS value chain for end-customers of enterprises. Its advanced data management solutions are specifically designed to provide truly omni-channel digital customer experience. Datamatics continues to support its enterprise customers by integrating voice of customer (VoC) insights using tools, such as speech-to-text, natural language processing (NLP), and AI-driven automation. 


Digital Customer Experience Solutions


Datamatics Offerings

business intelligence - BI tool with Personalized dashboard


  • Engage visual analytics solution for faster decision making with real-time data
  • Integrate the TruBI application with multiple data sources, such as cloud, data lakes, data management solutions, etc.

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Advanced Analytics

CX Journey Analytics

  • Analyze the purchase journey of customers across various demographics, categories, mediums (online/offline), and touch points
  • Find patterns and derive actionable insights from the structured / unstructured data received through different channels as Voice of Customer 
  • Determine CX drivers, purchase triggers, and ability to maximize opportunities through models, such as, micro-segmentation, product affinity, CLV, lead prioritization, and many more

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  • Improve interactions with the end-customers, detect & prevent fraud, design digital decision making solutions
  • Identify risk exposure through different trends and patterns interactive reports

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TruBot RPA

TruBot RPA

  • Improve speed, accuracy, and productivity with TruBot RPA
  • Integrate the bot with intelligent document processing, artificial intelligence algorithms, advanced analytics platforms, etc., to improve the automation scope

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Consulting and Advisory

Consulting & Advisory

  • Avail consulting & advisory services that spans system, data, and process integration with a customer-centric approach

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Customer Centricity

Video Monitoring / Mgmt

  • Deploy Artificial Intelligence based Video Analytics for consistent detection and analysis of real-time feed or stored data 
  • Increase the efficiency of Quality Checks with image and video analysis
  • Use video monitoring and advanced analyses for enhanced customer experience and business decision making for sectors, such as, Retail, BFSI, Education, Hospitality and Entertainment, etc.

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