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Datamatics TruBI offers an enterprise-ready Business Intelligence (BI) platform that provides a modern & responsive user interface. The BI software supports self-service analysis, 360-degree view of a single-version-of-truth, and provides an intuitive & interactive experience in a secure and scalable environment. With all these features, the TruBI analytics and advanced data visualization tool provides business users with definite advantages in terms of 99.99% up-time and increased employee productivity by almost 60%.

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TruBI Advanced Data Visualization Features

Important features of the BI software platform


Cloud Ready

Location-agnostic BI software platform for on-premise and cloud deployment

Cloud-ready architecture is both vertically and horizontally scalable for managing sudden data surges


DIY Mechanism

Self-service pick & choose features, allows end users to create and personalize dashboards using the TruBI advanced data visualization tool, offering the advantage of anytime, anywhere, any device access


Productivity Tools

Enterprise-grade BI reporting provides a complete set of productivity tools, report wizards, pre-built templates & reports, and end-user report designers


DIY Query Building

Smart query builder empowers users with self-data preparation as well as query building options without writing any SQL statements


Schedule Timer

Scheduler for scheduling and publishing near real-time business intelligence dashboards at pre-defined times across wider collaborating teams


Multi-Dimensional View

Drag & drop business intelligence report feature to get a multi-dimensional view with the ability to slice and dice information efficiently towards 360-degree data analysis


Data Discovery

Enhanced drill-down & data filtering features help users discover business intelligence from huge volumes of data and explore specific KPIs in more detail using the advanced data visualization tool


Collaboration Platform

Sharing & collaboration feature allows users to publish the developed business intelligence dashboards and share them with other business users along with their analysis, annotations, and history


Intuitive & Interactive

Modern & responsive user interface creates interactive business intelligence dashboards for the web and mobile devices for which no coding is required

TruBI Technical Highlights

Centralized Management Platform

Helps in managing small as well as large deployments from a single point over the web

Enhanced Security Features

Provides centralized and customizable Role-based Access to ensure that stakeholders can view their own data only 

Hybrid Architecture

Enhances performance that enables faster analysis leading to better and faster business insights

Data Connectors

Connects with different types of data sources and creates a highly compressed snapshot

Enterprise Scalability Features

Allows working with high data volumes for large numbers of concurrent users


Make it flexible for the business intelligence and data visualization dashboards and reports to be extended into other apps and web portals

OLAP Architecture

Offers high performance and in-memory caching for Non-EDS and Non-OLAP


Offers a robust architecture for thousands of concurrent users

Rich Visualization Objects

Offers business insights through interactive and advanced data visualization


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TruBI Helps a Top 10 Financial Wealth Management Company to Generate Faster and Accurate Reports

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