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Top 6 use cases for a self-sustainable Contact Center powered by Connected Data

Connected Data enabled Contact Center

Contact Centres are usually cost centers and not profit centers. However, they handle massive amounts of data. This idle data amounts to an opportunity loss of billions of dollars worth of an opportunity to increase revenue, reduce cost, and enhance Customer Life Time Value (CLTV). It is a colossal opportunity left untapped!

The solution is to switch to Connected Data. It offers many opportunities for data monetization and generating new revenue streams. Practically, Connected Data converts your Contact Center into a profit center. Strategically using the data, to build models and Connected Data assets, is holistically viewed right from the inception point. The Data Governance centers carefully create, curate, and store the Connected Data for creating data-driven insights and insights-driven program management. This whitepaper talks about six important use cases where businesses can leverage Connected Data toward a self-sustainable future.

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Key Takeaways

Connected Data enhances Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) for any organization. This paper provides 6 use cases powered by Connected Data.

Connected Data is context-sensitive and offers business opportunities for data modernization and monetization. It enables growth and self-sustainability.

It enables building hyper-connected links between various sources of data across the customer journey and build efficient operations.

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