Leverage Connected Data, SLMs, or LLMs to suit Business Requirements for Intelligent Automation

Improve Productivity with Data, Deep Learning, and Intelligent Automation

Businesses can use their own data to build automation solutions as per their innovation appetite. Generative AI is the shiny new thing that extends the value created from the business data. Connected Data, SLMs, and LLMs are along a progressive Data-to-Intelligence-to-Intelligent Automation continuum. It individually and collectively helps improve business productivity.

Connected Data serves as the clean and unified single source of truth at the enterprise level. SLMs help deliver precise and succinct automation solutions by using Deep Learning with them. LLMs are built and trained on Connected Data, extensive data sets, and Deep Learning algorithms to redefine the human-machine interaction. Businesses can leverage automation use cases as per their innovation appetite.



Key Takeaways

Connected Data, SLMs, and LLMs are part of the same data-to-intelligence-to-intelligent automation continuum.

They can be leveraged individually or jointly to build business solutions as per innovation appetite.

The solutions significantly improve development time and increase business productivity through an innovative approach.

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