Improve speed of Business Critical Monoliths with Application Containers over the Cloud


Business critical monoliths are less responsive. Lack of patch upgrades further aggravates the situation. Benefits of migrating the data to modern systems at times out-weigh the risks, such as data loss and data corruption.

Converting the applications into loosely coupled microservices and hosting them through Cloud containers resolves this business dilemma. Containerized applications can be easily shifted between different environments without having to rewrite the code.

Being hosted in the Cloud Native environment as containerized microservices improves the flexibility, agility, and responsiveness of the business critical monoliths. Queries show results in split seconds as compared to minutes earlier. The applications can be even integrated in the enterprise-wide Intelligent Automation programs through APIs.

Application Containerization of the monoliths and re-platforming them over the Cloud Native environment allows enterprises to incorporate new features and software upgrades as and when required as per the business requirement.

Application Containerization further allows shifting of the application through different Cloud environments without Cloud lock-in especially in Hybrid Cloud environments. Containerization highly improves efficiency during building new or modernizing existing business applications.



Key Takeaways

Improves speed & responsiveness of applications

Boosts agility and flexibility of legacy monoliths

Business benefits of application containers

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