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Improve People Engagement Dynamics and Enterprise Productivity with People Analytics

People Analytics -
Practical Use Case

People Engagement or Employee Engagement is an abstract trait. However, enterprises can use interventions to holistically gauge the collective Voice of the Employee (VoE). It offers keen insights about the low-level (granular) and top-level (collective) employee sentiment. Advanced Analytics and Data Sciences enable organizations to analyze the data generated through periodic employee climate surveys. It helps identify the influencing and detracting parameters that affect the granular and, hence, the collective VoE.

VoE is a crucial factor that directly influences enterprise performance. This whitepaper talks about Advanced Analytics, or rather specifically People Analytics, and how it enables organizations to identify the opportunities and risks emerging out of the resulting intertwining dynamics. Arresting churn through targeted interventions at the right time saves millions in terms of revenue.

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Key Takeaways

Voice of Employee is a crucial factor influencing enterprise performance.

People Analytics helps identify opportunities and risks in a timely manner.

Targeted interventions improve people engagement and productivity.

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