Improve 10X productivity with the last mile Finance & Accounts Automation


Finance & Accounts is the most automated department in modern-day business landscapes. However, swivel chair operations still dominate the work scene, where human intervention is required from time to time to synchronize the data between ERPs and multiple other systems for seamless F&A operations.

Intelligent Automation is the solution to most business dilemmas posed because of increasing swivel chair operations due to lack of total automation. Intelligent Automation is the combination of Intelligent Document Processing or IDP (sometimes also referred to as Intelligent Data Capture or IDC) and Robotic Process Automation or RPA.

Improve 10X productivity with the last mile Finance & Accounts Automation_2


Key Takeaways

Last-mile data integration around ERP systems involves swivel chair operations

RPA and IDP lead the path towards end-to-end automation

The technology combination improves process efficiency and productivity by 10X

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