Hybrid Cloud Set-up A Future-proof Cloud Strategy

Hybrid Cloud Set-up A Future-proof Cloud Strategy


Enterprises and their business verticals procure different Cloud Services at different points in time. Monitoring and administering them as different entities bring in overheads.

While in flux, enterprises find it difficult to build one common continuous Cloud strategy. Hybrid Cloud is emerging as the prominent business solution in a heterogeneous Cloud environment.

Hybrid Cloud engages On-premise Cloud and more than one Public Cloud service at the same time. The enterprise manages it as one Cloud entity.

Kubernetes allows managing and monitoring the microservices-based enterprise Cloud set-up as well as load balancing across the different Cloud environments.

As the Public Cloud services evolve continuously, the Hybrid Cloud allows re-evaluating and repositioning their Cloud hosting.

Hybrid Cloud is the most cost-efficient and reliable Cloud strategy that allows enterprises to incorporate new Cloud features over a period of time.

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Key Takeaways

Hybrid Cloud is better than Multi-Cloud

Factors that influence Cloud strategy

Hybrid Cloud is the strategy of the future

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