Ensure STP with Cloud solutions powered by Intelligent Automation in insurance claim processing & paper-intensive domains

Cloud solution powered by Intelligent Automation

BFSI enterprises need to expedite processes and improve STP by automating paper-based workflows that cannot be done away with. Processes such as KYC compliances, claim processing, onboarding, etc., are paper-intensive, cause un-called for delays, and breed inherent process lacunae that assume alarming proportions in due time.

Advanced Cloud solutions powered by Intelligent Automation offer the answer to business conundrums that involve high volume, paper-driven processes that are managed by globally dispersed teams. The Cloud solution has an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) unit at all local PoPs or client-facing desks that captures images or digitizes the paper forms to initiate the process.

The digitized assets get stored per case in the Cloud ECM repository with proper indexation and metadata thus improving searchability. The RPA component of the Intelligent Automation then moves the structured information from the Cloud ECM to the core systems in real-time and completes the core process within a couple of minutes. 



Key Takeaways

Use cases for automation of back-office processes on cloud

Importance of cloud in Intelligent Automation

Benefits of implementing IA solutions on cloud

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