Driving Agility with Intelligent Automation

Driving Agility with Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

An integrated approach to automation with RPA, IDP, & AI/ML

Intelligent Automation as a combination of the process- and data-driven approaches to automation offers more than the sum of its parts. With such an approach, enterprises are well placed to realize a greater degree of automation and drive agility in response to changing business requirements.

Here, Business-IT alignment is a key requirement, as is the case with every strategic initiative. Without IT involvement, there is risk of creating islands of automation infrastructure and implementations that do not align at a strategic level.

Automation initiative leaders should establish an automation CoE for systematic adoption at enterprise level. Development of RPA skills and preparation for change management are other key focus areas for adoption at scale.



Key Takeaways

An integrated approach to automation with RPA, IDP and AI/ML

The value of RPA in process automation

How to take a data-driven approach towards automation

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