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Automating Order to Cash (O2C) - The Insider's Perspective


Order to Cash (O2C) Automation is an imperative for omni-channel orders receiving, fulfilment, and management as well as sustained receivables collections. It is a must have for high volume processes that are error-prone due to manual processing.

O2C Automation ensures that each and every order is captured accurately, routed to the fulfilment department, invoice is raised and sent to the customer, and collections are traced until recovery. It creates a fool-proof catchment and execution from receiving orders till collections.

It results in accelerated O2C process, streamlined accounts receivables, error elimination, improved productivity & efficiency, reduced latency, and lowered operational costs. It creates a path for a self-sustainable journey.

Automating Order to Cash (O2C) - The insiders perspective


Key Takeaways

Key reasons for automating manual order processing

Important use cases for leveraging O2C Automation

Benefits of O2C Automation in a sustainable value chain

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