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A Guide to Top-most Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Use Cases across Industries


TruCap+ Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution enables enterprises to automate paper-intensive processes. It is a major component of the Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform. Underpinned with the principle of Digitize to Optimize, TruCap+ IDP brings unstructured/free text, hand-written text, and semi-structured text within the ambit of automation. It enables enterprises to transform unstructured text to a structured format such that it can be integrated with downstream systems towards the goal of end-to-end automation.

TruCap+ IDP along with other automation and productivity solutions, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Workflows, Connectors, Big Data Analytics, etc., enables enterprises to bridge the gaps towards end-to-end automation and full their organizational goals. TruCap+ IDP is an important component of enterprise automation solutions. It uses a template-free approach to fuel important use cases in paper-intensive processes and industries, such as Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance and Accounting, KYC, etc.

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Key Takeaways

Top-most common Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) use cases 

List of 50+ processes that can be automated with IDP and RPA

Industry-proven case studies and videos of IDP and RPA in action

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