Business Intelligence Tool Develops Interactive Reports Case Study
Case Study

TruBI Helps Developing Interactive Reports For A Leading Brokerage Firm


A leading brokerage firm


Financial Services

Business Intelligence Tool Develops Interactive Reports Case Study


The client’s TAT was increasing day by day as they had to collate and consolidate the data from different sources to carry out data analytics. The client wanted to automate the entire process of data collation.

The client also wanted to alleviate the need to generate separate queries for each request of data, which was spread in different file formats across geographies


Datamatics team of experts understood the requirements of the client and suggested the use of its centralized BI solution, TruBI, coupled with SQL data warehouse.

Datamatics implemented integrated data warehouse to provide holistic and streamlined data at the data warehouse level with automated data validations

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Saved IT hours - Business Intelligence Case Study

Saved IT Hours

That are now spent on more productive projects

DIY framework

DIY Framework

Instituted for end users, who now can avail variety of reports

Analysis Time

Analysis Time

reduced for business users

Improved Accuracy - BI Tool case study


Improved in decision making

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